Tile and Quilting

So, my household is a few weeks away from moving into a house.  We took a 1968 paneled Brady Bunch Split Level, renovated it (sorry, we took out the orange, lavender, and red sinks) and did an addition.

We are now putting the fun touches on the place.  One of which is tile.

So here is a funny story.  A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to go to Italy with my friend for her 40th Birthday.  No kids, our Hubby’s stayed home with them for a whole week!

We got to see and explore and learn and eat and drink and drink..  Such a different trip than Disney World.  It was a very inspiration trip on many levels.  But when I look back at my pictures, I took a ton of pictures of the tile.  It was everywhere!

In churches, in Town Squares, on walls, on floors, and on ceilings!  Everywhere!  It was very inspirational.

But here I find myself a few years later picking out tile for our Powder Room.  I know that white subway tile is big right now but I wanted something different.

Boy did I find Different!

Here was a fun shot.  The tile guys took the individual tiles and laid them out, and laid them out again, trying to get what they felt like a good mix.


I was cracking up when I walked in.  This is exactly what I do when I do improv blocks for Quilts.  The three of us kept looking at it, trying to not get too many of one color or one style together.  Then I showed them the trick of taking a Black and White photo of the layout.  They marveled as it showed the dominant blocks and the less dominant blocks.

Did the Quilter just show the Tile guys a trick?

Here is one of the layouts before it got installed in the Powder Room


And here is part of it installed.


Sorry, no lights in there yet.

But look at all the similarity to traditional Quilt blocks in there.  I see Variations of ShooFly, Amish Quilt Blocks, some Bear Paws, Churn Dash, Ohio Stars, St John’s Pavement, Diamond Squares, and so many more.  It makes you wonder who inspired who?  Could the Plain Amish have been inspired by such ornate ancient tiles?   Oh, to be in school and do an Art History Paper on such a topic!  I don’t know the answer but I do know that History repeats itself in many mysterious ways!

It just inspires me to want go sew and play and create.

Be Inspired!


Always Never Done-My Quilt Ladder

My girlfriend organized a night out at a great store down the road called “Always Never Done”.  What a great name,  I feel that way everyday!  I think that needs to be my new mission statement for my life!  Hmmm….When you think about it, it seems like a better name for WIP (works in progress) too because sometimes even my finished Quilts feel like they are never ever really done.  There is alway one more thing I could have done to a quilt.


The store is a treasure of great finds.  The owner Amy, finds all these pieces of furniture and refinishes them.  Check out her site here.   We took the class on how to refinish a piece of furniture with Chalk Paint.  SO MUCH FUN!  In 3 hours we had our pieces sanded, painted, roughed up, and waxed.  SWEET!

So this was my excuse to finally get a Quilt Ladder.  I found one over in Amish Country and yes, I bought it from an Amish lady.  And it even smelled like a barn.

Here is my ladder before.


Here is the Ladder Painted


Here it is Roughed Up

(Trust me, don’t go to the gym before you do this….major arm workout!)

And here it is finished at the end of the night with the class and their great pieces.  I’m on the far right.


And here is my Quilt Ladder fulfilling my every Expectation!


Yeah, I did it!

The problem now is I have to go back and pick up the other stuff I bought that night in the shop…Ooops!

Sorry Honey.



FundFest Time

Hello Lancaster Peeps!

If anyone is going to LCDS FundFest this weekend, here is the quilt I put up for the silent auction.


It is a traditional Triple Barnstar Pattern by Amy Gibson with fun fabric by Joel Dewberry.  The fabric, Birch Farm, is filled with deer, owls, flowers, and some fun geometric patterns.  The quilt is approximately 66″ X 66″, great size for a throw or to lay on top of a twin or full / queen size bed.


The backing fabric is my favorite.  It is deer heads!  I am not a hunter but they are so cute and put a smile on my face!


Hope you bid on it!  Maybe I’ll see you this weekend!





Quiltcon Was My Disney

Just read…

Moda Party Greg, Jackie, Me, Andy (hubby)

Moda Party
Greg, Jackie, Me, Andy (hubby)

Remember being a kid?

Remember the day you found out YOU were going to Disney?

How did it Feel?

I remember the feeling of pure excitement in my blood not knowing who I was going to see and what rides I was going to ride and what shows I was going to see…and those firework shows at night?


As a parent I was able to replicate the experience for my kids.  I was able to relive that experience through their sparkling eyes, true smiles, and the same blood flowing excitement exerting through their energy.

But as an adult, we sometimes harbor what we want to do in exchange for giving our kids opportunities.

So here comes Quiltcon,

I remember the day that I talked to my husband about going to Quiltcon 6 months ago.  He was for it, seriously!  Say What????

(Insert giggles, jumping around, hugs, and true giddiness)

Quiltcon was my Disney

I got to meet my Mickeys

(bloggers, authors/book signings, artists)

I got my character meal

(the Moda Party, thank you for your generosity Moda)

I got my shows

(the amazing lectures and workshops)

I got my rides

(the jaw dropping quilt exhibit that I went through over and over again)

I got my souvenir toys

(fabric and fabric and oh, some more fabric)

What did I learn from all of this?

We all need a little Disney experience in our adult lives.  Sometimes we need to excite ourselves and go out and re-spark the giddiness that sometimes we feel has been left to our children to explore.  In this grown up world of images to uphold, roles to represent, and just acting like an adult all the time, it was fun to dig down to the pure giggles and butterflies in my belly and let the pure joy of the experience show through my smile and sparkle in my eyes.  It was fun to be like a kid at Disney again.

So what’s your Disney?



Fabric stash Quiltcon 2015

Fabric Stash Quiltcon 2015

Can’t Get Away from Quilts

The house is getting back into the swing of things since break.  We are all a little sleepy this week and the deep freeze and snow outside in Pennsylvania is not making waking up very easy.

Over break we took the kids to Las Vegas.  For teenagers, this was a blast.  My husband and I don’t gamble but between the shows, the decorations for the holiday’s, and the fun stuff for older kids to do, we had a great time getting away.

As we were walking around my daughter goes, “look mom, it looks like one of your quilts”.  I looked around on the walls and looked at people and saw nothing.  She goes,” No, look down.” And what do I see…a quilt.


Well actually, tile work.  But can’t you see the pieces of fabric coming together in the little blocks.  Oh, the color options!

Here is the one my daughter was referring to.  It was home on the sofa waiting to have the rest of the binding finished. Can you see the similar lines she was referring to?


And so Quiltstalking in Las Vegas began…she and I were checking out every tile floor, carpet, and the architecture. It was a bit overwhelming.  Kinda made me homesick for my sewing machine! My head could not settle.

Here are a few pieces of inspiration.


Reminds me of a Log Cabin block or a Court House Steps Block.


The geometrics just make me go crazy for my machine!


This one make me want to jump into some curve piecing.


This carpet makes me want to do some little free motion pebble quilting.


This makes me want to grab one of Jenean Morrison’s Coloring Books and a swaddle of colorful pens!


This would be such a fun Modern Quilt.


And when I finally got through looking down at all the floors in Las Vegas, I finally looked up.  The Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and Casino.  Oh, the opportunity for Half Square Triangles!

The thing I learned from my daughter…

Quiltstalking can happen anywhere!

Where have you seen some crazy inspiration?