Kate’s Quilt

The weather is turning to Fall here in Pennsylvania and I’m feeling the need to play with something cozy.  I had bought some flannel fabric on sale last Spring at Burkholder’s Fabric (love that place!!!)  My daughter has been wanting to make her own quilt from start to finish.  I thought this would be a great time to make one of those Rag Quilts.  There’s is a lot of room for error and you get a cozy quilt at the end.

I cut all the squares for her but she pretty much did the rest.   Here she is sewing X’s on each square to secure the batting that we put in the middle.  She wanted it extra cushy!


Here’s her pile of squares


and here is her finished quilt, snipped and out of the dryer.


She slept with it last night.  This morning she said that it was the best night sleep she has ever had because she was so warm from HER quilt.

It’s got to feel good to be 12 and be able to use what you made.

Unfortunately for me, my machine took a beating from all the thick layers.  It is in the shop for at least a week…

I guess I will be doing a lot of cutting for the next project!