napa and me

Hello and let me introduce myself, I’m Deb (and that’s Napa).

I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania which is a big tourist destination to see the Amish.  I am surrounded by the beauty of their quilts and food from their wonderful road side stands. Can’t Complain!  Somewhere along the line, I have fallen in love with Modern Quilts.  I love the colors and the designs that people create when they allow themselves outside their comfort zone.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Caroline says:

    I love your introduction here. It connects with something in me – I’m only a few years older, my children are teenagers, though I live across the Atlantic from you and do go to church all the time – as it’s my job! But it’s what you say about getting started with quilting at your age that really connects. When I was young I did a lot of crafts – especially knitting and cross-stitch. But I don’t any of that anymore because of life’s busyness. Quilting has interested me for a long tim, but I’ve never yet had a go at it – perhaps I’ll be inspired by your experience to find the time to make a start.

  2. terryb says:

    Your quilts are wonderful and I really enjoy the way you narrate your creative process in this blog. Many years ago I did a lot of sewing and although I haven’t made a quilt yet myself I appreciate your love of fabric shops and discovering the right pieces to put together. This joy in “putting the pieces together” is a huge part of my creative experience. I look forward to seeing more of your work and reading more of your words! 🙂

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