Always Never Done-My Quilt Ladder

My girlfriend organized a night out at a great store down the road called “Always Never Done”.  What a great name,  I feel that way everyday!  I think that needs to be my new mission statement for my life!  Hmmm….When you think about it, it seems like a better name for WIP (works in progress) too because sometimes even my finished Quilts feel like they are never ever really done.  There is alway one more thing I could have done to a quilt.


The store is a treasure of great finds.  The owner Amy, finds all these pieces of furniture and refinishes them.  Check out her site here.   We took the class on how to refinish a piece of furniture with Chalk Paint.  SO MUCH FUN!  In 3 hours we had our pieces sanded, painted, roughed up, and waxed.  SWEET!

So this was my excuse to finally get a Quilt Ladder.  I found one over in Amish Country and yes, I bought it from an Amish lady.  And it even smelled like a barn.

Here is my ladder before.


Here is the Ladder Painted


Here it is Roughed Up

(Trust me, don’t go to the gym before you do this….major arm workout!)

And here it is finished at the end of the night with the class and their great pieces.  I’m on the far right.


And here is my Quilt Ladder fulfilling my every Expectation!


Yeah, I did it!

The problem now is I have to go back and pick up the other stuff I bought that night in the shop…Ooops!

Sorry Honey.



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