Wrapping Paper and Quilting?

I went to wrap my Valentine’s Gift’s this morning.  I was just wrapping, not trying to do anything weird with the paper…

or was I?

I stepped back and this is what I saw.


Do you see what I see?  I matched up the lines of the paper and then I noticed I did it on the other gift also.


This one you can see that I even re-taped it because I did not like the line up before.

Seriously?  How long has this been going on?

Maybe subconciously I have been doing this for a lot longer than I think.  Maybe I was predestined to quilt all those cute little pieces of fabric and line them up so nicely.

The funny thing is, the closet sure is not this organized and lined up.  It must be a selective brain choice.

I wonder what makes us want to take the time to make certain things so “right” and throw other things in the pile and just be glad they are done.

I know with quilts, sometimes I want to be challenged and do quilts that really require point on precision.  But feeling that so much of life is about following the rules,  I find myself enjoying the wonky world of modern quilting that allows me to explore fabric sewing without always feeling that I am going to fail if I don’t get those two or four pieces to line up.  There is something very freeing about stepping away from a fabric creation and seeing what happened when I just let the fabric do the talking.

For now, I’ll leave my Type A personality to the wrapping paper , I’ll deal with my closet mess..another day and I’ll let the fabric take me away to a world somewhere in between.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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