Can’t Get Away from Quilts

The house is getting back into the swing of things since break.  We are all a little sleepy this week and the deep freeze and snow outside in Pennsylvania is not making waking up very easy.

Over break we took the kids to Las Vegas.  For teenagers, this was a blast.  My husband and I don’t gamble but between the shows, the decorations for the holiday’s, and the fun stuff for older kids to do, we had a great time getting away.

As we were walking around my daughter goes, “look mom, it looks like one of your quilts”.  I looked around on the walls and looked at people and saw nothing.  She goes,” No, look down.” And what do I see…a quilt.


Well actually, tile work.  But can’t you see the pieces of fabric coming together in the little blocks.  Oh, the color options!

Here is the one my daughter was referring to.  It was home on the sofa waiting to have the rest of the binding finished. Can you see the similar lines she was referring to?


And so Quiltstalking in Las Vegas began…she and I were checking out every tile floor, carpet, and the architecture. It was a bit overwhelming.  Kinda made me homesick for my sewing machine! My head could not settle.

Here are a few pieces of inspiration.


Reminds me of a Log Cabin block or a Court House Steps Block.


The geometrics just make me go crazy for my machine!


This one make me want to jump into some curve piecing.


This carpet makes me want to do some little free motion pebble quilting.


This makes me want to grab one of Jenean Morrison’s Coloring Books and a swaddle of colorful pens!


This would be such a fun Modern Quilt.


And when I finally got through looking down at all the floors in Las Vegas, I finally looked up.  The Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and Casino.  Oh, the opportunity for Half Square Triangles!

The thing I learned from my daughter…

Quiltstalking can happen anywhere!

Where have you seen some crazy inspiration?



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