Who has never made a mistake?

We all have.  I make mistakes as a parent, a person, and a quilter.  You can look at mistakes a few different ways.  You can accept the mistake, learn from it and move on OR you can live in the past and let that mistake characterize you.

When I make mistakes, I try to look at what I have learned from the mistake and make things better.  I usually never make the mistake again, that is a lesson learned.

However, some people never let a mistake die.  The people that saw the mistake will never let your future work be successful. There are those people that will always see you for your mistake and will never let you be a better person.

 I have learned that those people are not just mean but jealous of you, what you have accomplished, or what you have earned through your hard work.  Some people cannot stop living in the past.

mistakes, goofs

mistakes, goofs

I made a mistake with this quilt and I was able to laugh it off…along with my seam ripper!

In a very evil way, some may be happy that I made this mistake because now I have a lot of work to do to fix it.  But I am not someone that will let others dictate the great work and effort I have put into this quilt since that mistake.


fixed happy

fixed happy

I moved forward.  I made changes to the way I set up my quilts BEFORE I sew all the blocks together.  I look at my past mistake as a great thing, because now I know what NOT to do.

So, the moral of this story is..

Move forward and let the present dictate who you are and what you can be,

not your past.

No Quit!



One thought on “Mistakes

  1. Victoria says:

    Have you ever seen a beautiful vintage quilt, one where everything appears just perfect, except for one small area? Maybe it’s an odd piece of fabric or different color then used throughout the rest of the quilt. Or it may be a block that was stitched noticeably upside down. Well, they say that these “mistakes” were done on purpose, as a way of acknowledging that only God is perfect. I really like that notion, and that the quilters of the past would include that in their work. I have also always thought that those imperfections, those “mistakes” made the quilt so very interesting and exceptional.

    I have also heard that Edison made approximately 1,000 “mistakes” on his way to inventing the light bulb. He learned from each one and also knew that he was one step closer to getting it right.

    As for your “mistake”… I actually think it it looked kinda cool and I am sorry if anyone made you feel bad about it.

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