Best Overheard Quote at a Quilt Show!

From the elderly Husband to the Wife,

Honey, you are not going to buy the Oakshott Fabric?  We can’t get our hands on this stuff anywhere else.

Seriously!  Where did this hubby come from?  No offense to my hubby, but his words would be more along the lines of “how much longer” or “how much $ for fabric?”

It’s funny to see how couples grow old together.  I’m always curious to know their story.

My story goes like this.  I’m in the stage of life I call FULL.  Our house has every square inch filled with what I call HOME.  Sports equipment, dirty (smelly) socks and sports clothes in piles, shoes that are suppose to be put away are being tripped over, an unused formal dining room repurposed to a fully functioninng homework room.  A calendar that reads like a command station with military precision timing of the activity, leave time, who to pick up, and what needs to be brought along..oh and it is color coded by kid and driver.  We have weekends filled with kids activities, a date night here and there with hubby, yard work, smores and a beer or wine at the fire pit with friends and neighbors, and that Sunday Slump of homework.

My house is clean but don’t do a white glove test or look in the drawers or behind the doors or under the couch.  I’ll get to that in a few years when this memory making part of life is my memory with my hubby.

Back at the quilt show, I talked to the couple about their FULL..  They told me about their kids and grandkids and where they all live now, etc.  She was telling me that when her hubby retired he drove her crazy and the only way to get him to stop driving her crazy was to get him involved in a hobby, but he did not have any.


Come to find out…he’s a quilter now too!



Here’s my FULL…


Easter 2014

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