My Happy Place

What place would you go to right now?

If I could fall from the sky, I would hope to fall in a fabric shop surrounded by colorful, cheerful materials all around me.  The rows of color just make my head swim with possibilities.  It’s like Pinterest, “LIVE”.  I love patterned fabric and to see all the creative designs that people have come up with, but I always seem to find my way back to the solids.

A fabric shop is to a quilter, as a blank canvas is to a painter. 

Everyone has their own quilt making process.  Some show up at the shop with a pattern in hand.  They buy all the required fabric amounts, sometimes even the identical fabric from the pattern. They love the feeling that, “I’m going to make THIS.”  I have been that person and it is a great feeling of accomplishment, trust me!  It is also wonderful feeling when you have someone in mind for a particular quilt.  It makes the care you put into making the quilt even more special.

 I love to play a game with myself while I’m browsing the shop.  I watch people and wonder, who are they making this quilt for?  Do they just want the feeling of accomplishment?  Do they have a plan?  Or are they like me and just love the feeling a fabric shop gives me…the ability to imagine!

For me, my life is like anyone else’s.  It is full of time schedules, rules to follow, making sure others are following rules, helping others, keeping everyone in line and out the door at the appropriate time, etc.

In a fabric shop, I allow myself to be the one that needs help and to ask questions and to learn from this spontaneous collection of people that know a heck of a lot more about quilting than I do.

It’s also the one place I just let myself and my mind wander.  I go in and browse, wander through the aisles and see what catches my eye.  I touch, stare,and imagine what I could make!  There is something bizarre about touching all this fabric.  Something manages to just send a jolt to your brain.  This is the fabric for me, this is the fabric that starts my next quilt.  It is usually a print with some type of moxie of color and design that matches my personality of the day.  This becomes my backing, “4 yards please.”  From here I wander over to the solids (yes, the solids, me and my solids)  I find the colors that strike me the most.  I’m a sucker for any bright pink and Kona Snow.  I picked one that was called “wasabi” once.  I just had to incorporate it because of it’s name.  Now the question of how much fabric?  How little? I don’t know, just some?  For me, I like a problem to solve.

How to solve the problem?

When I get home, I decide by staring.  I just imagine.  What will it be?  Stripes? Half square triangles? A dose of a Wonky Block I want to try?  I don’t know until I start to cut into it. I just trust my instincts and go!

All because I landed in a Fabric Shop…Imagine



Burkholders Fabric Shop

Burkholders Fabric Shop

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