It all started with a Square…

I love Squares.


There is something so clean about all the sides being perfect.  Everything so tidied up…unlike life!  At least with Quilting there are a few things I can control.

For as much as I love squares, I just finished  a Minecraft “Creeper” quilt for a charity auction.   I need a break from all that stitching in the ditch!

So, keep the square or make it a triangle?  Hmmm…if I make triangles , then I could play with the different set ups.  Oh the playtime that would give me!  The fantasy of pattern play!  Yum!

 I’m going with Triangles! I cut my squares to 6 1/2 inches.  I have the pattern fabric on one side and the Kona Snow on the other.  I drew a line down the diagonal center and sewed on both sides of the line.

IMG_2414 IMG_2413

If I did my math correctly, I should have 144 of these 6 inch finished squares when I am done.


Now I need to sew and press.  The work part!

OOPS,  I need an Audio Book.  Does anyone listen to books while they sew?  Oddly enough it helps me focus.  I use from Amazon.  The longer the book the better.  I’m going to download “Sycamore Row” from John Grisham.  And is over 20 hours!  Oh the sewing time that gives me!!!!

All set now.  Machine, Iron, and a Book!


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