Decisions..Decisions!!! What to do?

Butler Bundle

 Do you ever look at a Fabric Bundle like it is the most precious thing in the world?  Does your head go spinning with the endless possibilities of what amazing thing you could create with it?

But which idea do you pick?  What if your other idea would be better?  What if the vision in your head does not match the reality of what you create?  Did that poor, beautiful fabric bundle get cut up for nothing?

It is so funny how I sometimes attach feelings to fabric.  Someone (in this case fabric designer Amy Butler) has spent such a great deal of time creating such beautiful fabric,  I don’t want to disappoint!

Decisions… Decisions… What to do?

I guess I need to cut the rope and see what yummy things I have to play with.

Bulter Layout

Awe…Cutting into a new bundle is so scary sometimes.  Scary Good with some butterflies in the stomach.

I added some Kona Snow as a solid base with all that deliciousness.  I think I’ll need to stare some more.  Maybe I can pick a thought in my head and go with it.  Until then, have a good one,


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