Can Amish Quilts be thought of as Modern?

Amish Quilt Book SchmuckerI attended a lecture last night at Elizabethtown College (PA) where Dr.Janneken Smucker spoke on her book, Amish Quilts, Crafting an American Icon.  If you have a chance to grab her book, it is filled with some of the oldest quilts I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.  But the thing that grabbed me during the lecture is how much some of these quilts can be viewed as current day Modern.  They always say “history repeats itself” and this book proves that thought. There is representation of “wonky” quilts, two toned cleaned lined quilts, appliqued quilts and block quilts.  The thing that amazes me as I looked at the photos, these are all done BY HAND!!!

So, Are Amish Quilts Modern?  Well, I’m sure any Amish person would think you were crazy.  However, after looking at the photos in this book, I think there is definitely something to argue.

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